Macon Inspection Services, Inc. can conduct a lender funding progress inspection at your construction project in Central Ohio.

Our certified inspector will come by every 30 to 40 days to document the progress of your project. We help you know where your money is going during construction.

To schedule a lender funding progress inspection for your construction project, contact us now.

What are draw inspections?

When you take out any type of construction loan, large or small, you'll have to follow clear-cut rules.

Draw inspections are scheduled to make sure all parties are keeping to the stipulations of their agreement. The professionals at Macon Inspection Services conduct draw inspections in the Baltimore, OH area to make sure that everyone participating in the construction project is on the same page.

Draw inspections are conducted to:

  • Ensure the lender that construction is following the timeline.
  • Document where the funds are going.
  • Help investors keep track of the project.
  • Communicate clearly with the architects.

Working on a construction project is a complex process. Call on Macon Inspection Services located in Baltimore, OH today to ensure that the lenders, investors and architects are seeing eye to eye during the construction process.